Quake History is slowly approaching the beta phase

25 April 2012, 16:04




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We are getting closer to the beta phase so right now you don't have to log in to access the website. For the last 6 weeks I was working hard to reach the status that will allow me to publish the website for even bigger reign of users. During that time a lot of new key features were introduced. I have reduced the number of webpage requests, optimised the PHP, JS code and SQL querries, which should result in even faster loading/refreshing times. Hopefully I will be able to start the beta phase just before the DreamHack Summer 2012 so that I can prvoide the full coverage of this event.

I have fixed a large number (ca. 250) of errors and added a lot of small new features that I won't list here since there is too many.

Unfortunately I had to postpone adding new content to the site due to the lack of time, that is why I would like to ask for your help in creating special files (for tournaments), which will be imported to the database with a simple mouse click. If you would like to help or you have noticed a bug, please feel free to contact me - preferably in the IRC channel #QuakeHistory at QuakeNet network.

By the way, mousestar released his new CTF movie called "Their Base Is Safe". Why do I mention this? Because I am there. ;)

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7 May 2012, 19:05



Znając Pytona linki pewnie działają, zobaczmy

27 May 2012, 0:25



i like ice-creaming tommorow yes !

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