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Team Czech Republic vs. Team Germany #2 - Adroits Quake Live TDM 4v4 Nations, Quake Live, Team Deathmatch 4v4, Grim Dungeons - Vods - Quake History

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Team Czech Republic vs. Team Germany #2

23 October 2012, 7:25


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ID: 95

Match (ID): 7241

Team #1: Team Czech Republic Team #2: Team Germany #2
Point of view (POV): followpowerup + followkiller Phase: quarterfinal
Game: Quake Live Stream: Adroits TV #1
Tournament: Adroits Quake Live TDM 4v4 Nations Map starts at: 01:49:22, ends at: 02:08:43
Mode: Team Deathmatch 4v4 Quality: awesome, commentary language: english (UK)
Map: Grim Dungeons (which: 2/2) Direct link: \1 (Twitch)



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