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Welcome, I have been planning to share my project, which I was working on since holiday of 2010, with you for a long time. The idea came quite unexpectedly and so deeply stuck in my mind that I could not leave it. The plan was simple - make the greatest database of tournaments, events, leagues, series, interviews, articles, games, demos, vods, streams, players, teams, photographs, videos, rankings, and many other things of the Quake series games, from Quake 1 to Quake Live. I have spent almost a year on collecting all the possible information and even then I have only collected just about 1% of what I wanted. I have spent the rest of the time on programming the page (not yet completed).

Please note that my project is currently in the alpha phase and contains mostly inaccurate content so do not take it too seriously until it leaves the beta. I need this for testing. Nevertheless the first functionality can already be seen. Full, real content will be available in the beta phase.

From time to time I will be adding new content (tournaments, events, players, teams) and working on new functionality..

Come and join my IRC channel - #QuakeHistory (QuakeNet). Maybe you have something to offer and wanna help? Do not fear to ask. :)

Have fun exploring! o/

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good job

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yeah !

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test ąęłżźćńó !@#$%^&*()[]

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